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Posted by on Apr 11, 2019 in Articles, Blog, Dating, Love, Relationship, Sex | 0 comments

How Often You Should Get Laid In a Healthy Relationship

How Often You Should Get Laid In a Healthy Relationship

Sex is a very individualized act, having that it does not have parameters to measure to be able to know what the normal amount of sex should be. What I may consider being normal sex in a week or a month might turn out to be too often for another person. The number of times a woman gets laid in a month will always depend on her own will or maybe the demand from her spouse.

To have sex and to want sex are two distinct things, some women will want to be laid more often than others, depending on how much they crave for it. Some others will get laid very often to be able to satisfy their spouses who may have higher drive. The number of times you should get laid in a month will also depend on some factors and hence making it difficult to determine what is normal.

Some of the elements that may influence the number of times you get laid are your age; young people in their twenties tend to get laid more often than older adults. Having teenagers around the house may make the number of times you get laid less as compared to people who do not have teenagers. The type of job you do will influence the number of times you get laid, for example, if you have a very stressful job you will end up being laid very few times.

When your relationship has not been good or when you have some health problems you may have sex very few times, or sometimes you will quit altogether. Out of research, it has been discovered that about 75% of women are satisfied with twelve – sixteen times a month, which is three-four times a week. And 13% of the women were found to be very demanding, stating they were never satisfied and would like to be laid every day.

Depending on your age, for a happy couple of age ranging from 18-29 years old they should have sex at least ten times a month, while a couple ranging from 30-39 years and also living normal life should have sex at least eight times in a month. Sex is a beautiful thing and also a privilege and therefore should be done as often as you can, as it is also a sign of love, sacrifice and transparency. And if you want to spice things up you could always hire a beautiful girl from Charlotte Action Escorts to join your play.

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